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P.S…. I’m still here.

It seems impossible that it has been a year since I actually updated this blog. I’d be ashamed if I had time for it. But ain’t nobody got time for that.


It is once again my birthday, and I have once again used the occasion to examine how I spent the days in the year just past and how it would like to spend my life in the years ahead. Like every year that passes, this one came and went faster than the one before. I suppose it is an inevitable irony of getting older that time speeds up just as you begin to appreciate every minute you have.


I accomplished many things this year in an arena that means a lot to me (state level politics) and I had a blast otherwise. I made many new friends, tried to keep in touch with old ones and, most of all, truly treasure the time I had with my daughter (who grows more adult every day). F did very little writing over this past year, perhaps the least of my adult life. But the writing I did was good and it kept me in the game. My friends in my writing group, the Weymouth 7, also kept me close to the writing world as well and I was grateful to them for it. When November rolled around, I was even able to get away from the rest of my life and join them for a writing retreat at the beach for a glorious six days of wallowing in nothing but plot lines and characters. During that time, I was able to make friends with my work in progress again and to make great headway in turning it into a book. It is a new Casey Jones and I was happy to find that I had missed her and that I both wanted to and could bring her to life again. Casey is and will always be a part of me and it was good to be reunited with her again.


As if to reward me for not giving up the ghost, I had an unexpected request this month from a publisher who wanted to look at my Casey in progress. It is quite rare, rare enough to be deemed unheard of, in fact, for a publisher to show interest in an older series that has not broken out onto the bestseller lists. I am grateful that this publisher believes in me, and you better believe I am taking them up on their offer and sending them my Casey in-the-making. They may or may not publish it, only time will tell. But, regardless, it is good to know that I am not the only one out there who enjoys Casey and who appreciates the world I have built around her. I know that many of you who read my books also appreciate her, and I want to take the time right now to say “thank you” to you all.


I am not one to walk away from anything unfinished. I’m not sure I could if I tried. Finishing things is my obsession. So this post is my pledge to you that I will indeed finish Casey #7 this coming year. Who knows? I may even find time to post more than annually on this blog as well. So thanks for sticking with me as I live my life. I’m still writing and I’m still here. Happy New Year!

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