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Heavy sector experience: higher education, public policy, political advocacy, coalition-building, healthcare, and financial services.

Audience experience: educators and faculty; graduate, undergraduate, and K-12 students; parents; alumni; corporate, nonprofit, and community partners; elected officials; volunteers and donors; senior executives, board members, shareholders, middle management, employees, and customers; the media; and the general public.

Summary of experience and qualifications: 

  • 30+ years experience in marketing; internal and external communications; and media relations.

  • Served as a consultant to organizations of all sizes in both the nonprofit and for-profit fields. Also worked within organizations in the nonprofit and for-profit fields, including as a member of senior management teams. 

  • Creative experience includes content creation and copywriting; website architecture and content management; email list outreach; basic graphic design; photography; project management; and print planning, press run management, and fulfillment.

  • Nuanced needs analysis skills due to experience working both within organizations and as an outside consultant.

  • Can recommend and implement integrated communications plans across all platforms, including web, email, social media, print, and video.

  • Outstanding messaging and writing skills for all forms of communication.

  • Experience creating branding strategies and unique identities for organizations ranging in size from small non-profits to global corporate leaders.

  • Creation of rapid response strategies, including pro-active planning guides and coaching leadership on dealing with crisis management.

  • Earned media outreach, including special event planning, event coverage, and placement of stories with television, radio, and print outlets.

  • Advocacy experience includes 15 years in nonpartisan advocacy, community outreach, reaching underserved populations, and coalition building.

  • Seasoned manager of creative, administrative, and customer service teams.

  • Technical skills include familiarity with Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, Microsoft Office, Drupal, WordPress, WIX, and various other content management or online platforms.

Katy Munger Marketing & Communications Services


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Staff Experience

Staff Experience.jpg

Director of Marketing & Communications | Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) | 2014 to 2021

Duke TIP had an annual budget of $32 million and served nearly 900,000 students and their families in grades 4 through 12 annually as well as over 48,000 educators. Responsibilities included:

  • Marketing of all Duke TIP’s educational programs, including two national talent searches, three online educational programs, and five flagship face-to-face residential programs held on 26 campus sites nationwide.

  • Managing TIP’s main website and system of eight blogs. Main site traffic averaged nearly one million visits a month while TIP’s monthly student magazines had a combined monthly circulation of over one million students and parents. Spearheaded a complete overhaul of the blog system and oversaw the development of a new main website. Total cost was 1/10th the amount paid for a website five years before.

  • Communicating with Duke TIP’s students, families, educators, staff, alumni, and the public via email, direct mail, web platforms, and social media. TIP’s email volume topped 12 million annually and our social media presence had the largest following of any non-athletic Duke unit.

  • Heading up TIP’s internal communications area, including working with TIP’s human resources director to implement an effective staff relations plan, revitalize TIP’s Intranet, and advise leadership on internal communications strategies.

  • Managing a staff of six full-time employees and numerous interns, including content creation, design, bulk email, videography, project management, and social media specialists.

  • Providing top leadership and divisional leads with communications advice, troubleshooting problematic internal and external situations, and providing Customer Service Reps with suggested messaging to ensure consistency of response.

  • Managing media relationships, including crisis communications and press releases.

  • Developing strategic marketing and communications plans for increasing Duke TIP awareness and participation among statewide gifted education directors; school districts; public, private, and charter schools; and individual educators.

  • Creating recruiting strategies to convert teachers, counselors, school administrators, and other professionals into applicants for 1,800 seasonal staff positions annually.

  • Serving on TIP’s strategic plan steering committee, with specific responsibility for communicating plan progress to employees, fostering internal collaboration across all TIP departments, and developing a value statement for Duke TIP.


Advocacy & Outreach Director | Democracy NC and Progress NC | 2008 to 2014

  • Completed strategic planning, communications planning, branding, and website initiatives for various nonpartisan organizations focused primarily on education, healthcare access, labor conditions, and voter rights. Specific responsibilities included:

  • Acted as liaison to nonprofit partners and educational advocacy organizations.

  • Created issue campaigns on education and voter rights, then implemented these campaigns using on-the-ground and online tactics.

  • Advocated for issues with local and statewide government officials.

  • Responsible for content strategy and copywriting for websites and print materials.

  • Built and maintained over 30 microsites to bring attention to specific issues.

  • Oversaw communications to volunteers and donors, including online, in-person, and email.

  • Participated in media outreach as well as public relations efforts.

  • Served on a statewide rapid response team formed to focus the news cycle and media attention on a variety of issues.

  • Organized events, including rallies, press conferences, educational forums, and fundraisers.

  • Recruited and managed thousands of volunteers for media events and behind-the-scenes campaigns.

Consulting Experience

Consulting Experience.jpg

Marketing Consultant, NC State University | 2006 to 2009

  • Participated in the development of numerous print, web, and video projects through the Creative Services Department for a variety of colleges and units at NCSU.

  • Clients included the College of Natural Resources, Undergraduate Admissions, the NC State Honors Program, the Alumni Association, the Graduate School, Centennial Campus, Development, Alumni Engagement, and various university-wide initiatives and programs.


Marketing and Communications Consultant | 1990 to 2010 | Burnett Group in NYC | Eason Associates in Washington, D.C.

  • Helped create and implement branding campaigns for clients in the financial services, medical, academic, entertainment, hospitality, research, and industry sectors.

  • Planned and implemented internal communications strategies and recruiting campaigns for organizations seeking to build employee unity and reduce turn-over.

  • Created strategic marketing plans for a wide variety of programs, services, and products in various industry sectors.

  • Developed and implemented sales incentives and recognition programs.

  • Primary web and print collateral content strategist for over 500 corporate, academic, government, and nonprofit clients.

  • Developed and led client presentations to highlight recommended marketing strategies and generate new business.

  • Provided copywriting and content management services for selected campaigns.

  • Recommended annual report creative visions and themes, then wrote all content for organizations ranging in size from small firms to international corporations.

  • American Express

  • American University

  • BB&T

  • Bankers Trust

  • Banco International

  • Banque Nationale de Paris

  • Bear Stearns

  • Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

  • CS First Boston

  • Chase Manhattan

  • Citibank

  • Credit Suisse

  • Dean Witter

  • Explorer’s Club

  • Gaylord Entertainment

  • Goldman Sachs

  • First Union

  • Kidder Peabody

  • J.P. Morgan Chase

  • Manufacturer’s Hanover

  • MasterCard

  • Merck-Medco

  • Merrill Lynch


  • NC State University

  • New York Stock Exchange

  • New York University

  • Oppenheimer Funds

  • PaineWebber

  • PepsiCo

  • Prudential

  • Salomon Brothers | Smith Barney Triangle Community Foundation

  • UNC Chapel Hill

  • U.S. Trust

  • The Washington Post

Partial Consulting Client List

Client List.jpg

Contact me for a project quote or to discuss my hourly rates at

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