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Welcome to my official website, dedicated to my career as a writer of crime fiction. If you're looking for more information about my books, series, or other writing projects, you've come to the right place! It's hard to find the time to answer emails and stay in touch with readers one-on-one, so I hope you'll use my blog as a vehicle for contacting me, sending me comments, and asking questions about my books. I very much appreciate reader feedback and take all of your comments and support to heart. I would also love to use some of your questions as the basis for posts here, so feel free to ask away.


Thanks and enjoy!

- KM


Check out the latest book from Katy! In this new Hubbert & Lil adventure, lifelong NYers Auntie Lil and her buttoned-down nephew TS Hubbert have finally had enough of life in the Big Apple. With a lifetime of memories and memorabilia in tow, they head south to a new life in the idyllic rolling hills of North Carolina’s Piedmont region. Unfortunately, Bonny Bridge Pointe proves to be anything but the restful retirement community they had hoped for. When the mysterious death of a staffer uncovers a series of suspected murders, Auntie Lil and TS are on the case again, this time aided by a retired professor named Calvin Ewell, a disdainful cat named Eirene, and an aloof Great Pyrenees who sometimes answers to “Magnolia.” Just about everyone is a suspected killer, from the most addled resident stuck in their 60’s era student days, to officious management and mysterious investors, to seemingly helpful employees who may be a little too quick on the draw with medication. Meanwhile, when two hardcore northerners like Auntie Lil and TS enter the Deep South, a culture clash is sure to follow—with hilarious results for all. Hushpuppies or hoagies? Barbeque or Reubens? Beehives or bob-cuts? The war between the states is still being settled, only this time it’s a battle that, perhaps, everyone can win.


"[Munger] has the rare talent of being able to combine humor with sensitivity, and high comedy with realistic portrayals of genuine people.”

The Virginia-Pilot & The Ledger-Star

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